Somebody get me some content!

So I ‘m sick of not knowing what to write about…so Im going to just write. Or maybe I’m just going to post videos and pictures that I find incredibly weird or entertaining. Maybe I’m going to write about unicorns, maybe I’m going to write about syphilis. Let’s keep an open mind, huh?

But I’d like to start with you watching this…

And this…

And this…

I also wasn’t aware that Wiki had a page on completely disappearing…

Speaking of disappearing, can we stop removing the shoulders from all shirts now? Not digging the “cold shoulder” look. Online shopping or shopping of any sort really, has been just a big giant NO. I will say I have saved money with these ugly trends. I scroll,  I look, I exit the app, with all the money I had when I opened it. Modcloth was my go to…but not so much anymore…The Loft, however, they are looking like my new thing, and they seem to have shoulders in most of their clothes.

Oh, Random thought! Has anyone watched The Sinner?- HOLY CRAP. The first episode was…um…..shocking. It hooks you in immediately and then you have to order pizza for dinner because you realized that you still have people to feed. I totally recommend it.

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