Just stop it, fashion.

blanket dress“Hi, Im looking for something that leaves no sign that there is a woman under here. Something with a mock neck, maybe one size fits all? …Think tablecloth…

spiked lederhosen

“Yes, I’m looking for something striking..maybe Austrian sheep herder inspired, but with a twist of underground sex dungeon.

ugly tunic

“Yes, hi! I’m wondering if you can find something for me that makes me look completely wasted!?”

mad men sweater

Hey Guys, just a heads up that women can vote now.

ugly sweater

“Hey there!, I’m looking for something that screams cat toy. Maybe some cascading cotton balls. Something that my daughter may have made in kindergarten?

weirdo blouse

“I want people to be confused when I walk in the room…Something that says I’m your boss, but Im also the office hussy.”

homeless shirt

“Someone offered me money and food today when I was walking into work, and I don’t have the slightest idea why”

For any of these looks, just click here. Keep em guessing, ladies!


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