Strange observations

This week has been pretty um….stressful, and just all around dumb. However, on my journeys out of the house to search for sanity,  I was able to make some strange observations.

I dropped Dylan off at camp and found this nice lady collecting weeds for a salad on the hill in the parking lot. I never knew the YMCA had such fresh arugula. #camptotable

mesclun mix or arugula?


So, then I went for a walk and as I passed by one of the neighborhood houses I saw the aftermath of what may have been the result of one too many Coors Lights. (Also I must note that this is the neighbor that yelled at me  because Dylan tried to push over the top of his son’s carefully built snow fort). And furthermore, I would be a horrible insurance claims adjustor because I just can’t put the pieces together here. Did he run into his own fence? Did someone lose control on this 20 mph neighborhood road, and crash into the fence and truck?? I got nothin…

too many Coors Lightstoo many Coors Lights too many Coors Lights


And last but not least, while looking up rotator cuff exercises, (because I am in pain 93% of the time and $4,000, and 4 rich doctor’s later,  no one can tell me why) ..I found this helpful information…

I underlined the important part to keep you informed. You can thank me later.

when to go the hospital

Oh, and  I bought milkshakes two days in a row and ruined a crockpot meal ….again.

I also ordered pizza without asking for the specials first and ended up getting two medium pizzas for $32.00 when I could have gotten two larges for $15. I like to do everything the hard way, and I also like to throw my money in the toilet. Thats all I have today.

You will have to get your inspiration some where else. Toodles!


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